Classes have resumed now with regular schedule. Happy New Year everyone !Call your pool coordinator to register and receive $25 off for the first series of your lessons.

Swimming Lessons for Infants and Toddlers . . .

As an introduction to the water for our younger swimmers and in preparation for the Red Cross Swim Kids program which follows, Buckler Aquatics has their own exclusive ‘Badge’ certification, BUCKLER TAD.

The purpose of the TAD program, other than water orientation, is to provide a sense of trust between the swimmer and the instructor. Introductory lessons are spent making sure that the child is completely relaxed and comfortable in the water. Using tested methods and slow, gentle persuasion, the instructor introduces the major components of this level: breath retention and breath control.

Once accomplished, the swimmer can be totally submerged on their own under the watchful eye of their instructor. Lessons then move to front floats, holding their breath with their head under water. Then come back floats. To earn their Buckler TAD badge, the swimmer must be able to perform both a front and back float unassisted across the width of the pool. The awarding of the TAD badge is a very rewarding event for the young swimmer, signifying their first achievement in the pool.