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The Swimming and Lifesaving Programs Taught at Buckler Aquatics . . .

Buckler Aquatics is a pioneer in the field of teaching swimming to infants and toddlers. More than 2,500 clients go through our Mississauga, North York, and Scarborough locations weekly and over 100,000 lessons are taught in the course of a year. Over 90% of the aquatics staff were Buckler swimmers themselves. Many of the current students are children and grandchildren of parents that were Buckler ‘Tads’.

Following the Buckler TAD initial instruction, we teach the Canadian Red Cross program through to level 10, with stress placed on stroke style, endurance and distance swimming. We then teach the Lifesaving Society programs, Canadian Swim Patrol and the Bronze Awards. We believe that the combination of these two programs and the unique Buckler Aquatics teaching techniques best prepare our swimmers for safe enjoyment in and around a water environment.

Swimming is one of the few physical activities that can be started in infancy and gives the child the added advantage of building muscle tone, coordination, discipline, comprehension, and confidence in and around water. Swimming is a life skill that can be enjoyed by the whole family, while keeping you healthy and fit at the same time.

Annually, the majority of Canadians participate in some form of aquatics activity. Unfortunately, in pursuit of enjoyment on or near the water, drowning and aquatics accidents claim the lives of over 400 individuals every year. This makes drowning and water-related fatalities the third leading cause of accidental death in the country of those under the age of 60 years.