Call your pool coordinator now and register for summer/fall swimming classes .All New Registrants Receive $20 Off The Series Price.Take advantage of our summer half price double up.

Important Features of Our Program . . .


  • No charge initial evaluation to determine correct swim level
  • All lessons conducted in our own large, clean pools
  • Constant warm water environment – 90° F, 30° C
  • Buckler Aquatics trained professional, certified instructors
  • Individual instruction in a group environment
  • Swimmers evaluated weekly
  • Swimmers progress at their own rate encouraged by their instructor
  • Constant deck supervision
  • One-way glass viewing room for parents enjoyment
  • No-charge monthly family swims and weekly day-time and night-time play swim
  • Convenient, continuous booking of lesson day and time
  • Generous cancellation/make-up policy
  • Family discounts available
  • 1 instructor and 1 Junior instructor per class
  • Supervisor provides lounge updates at each lesson
  • Centralized computer booking and make-up system